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This site is to introduce you to the products and services provided by Air-Vision-Air.

Safety has always been important to our business, We have seen many accidents involving Flying wings that could have been easily prevented, Our solution is our two new and totally revised CATAPULT LAUNCHERS for electric UAV’S between 1Kg  and 6 Kg (think X5 to X8). The new models are now available they will change the way you launch your aircraft.  New revised model now supplied for all orders. 

The co-founders of Air-Vision-Air (AVA) provide Specialist Equipment and Services to you so that you can collect Images , Data and other surveys from the air using U.A.V. (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ) technology.These autonomous vehicles can take off, fly through pre-planned waypoints at pre-planned heights   and return to the landing site without the user “flying” the UAV.  (See home page for details).We aim to provide efficient and effective U.A.V. (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ) and U.A.S.  (Unmanned Aerial Systems ) as tools to enable the collection of images and Data. We will also undertake to complete surveys on behalf of the customer under agreeable circumstances following approval from Transport Canada / FAA where it is required and available, 

We want our customers to be completely happy with all purchases made from A.V.A. 

Thank you.


Summer is coming (who said “at last!” ) again in Quebec, lets hope for some good flying weather for Multicopters,  fixed wings and Catapults, We are still working on a new pneumatic launcher for upto 15 Kg aircraft and advanced testing will be done in the summer, until then we will not release the unit for sale but you can send an email and we will add you to our list of interested persons.  Expected delivery will be August 2017. The unit will be fully portable and battery operated. 

The new ASM 250 is very popular and its seems to be a  good fit for many flight activities, its quick setup and ease of use is often commented on  by the users. Several users have completed the ASM250KIT and all have seen a good result from the assembly, they typically save 400$ on shipping costs by doing the assembly locally. 

April 2015- Again winter in Quebec has been very long and cold, and this always delays progress a little but the sun is shining and the days are warming ready for a great season. We do not waste the winter months but we do build equipment and develop systems for bigger and better aircraft and catapults. This winter has seen a new development of our successful ASM250 3.5kg catapult that has brought easy launches to many customers all over the world at  a reasonable cost. The problem with catapults is that they can be expensive to ship due to the long sections of ramp required. Many persons also requested a “Kit ” be made available that could be put together by a reasonably competent DIY person and they could purchase the long Aluminium sections locally to save on shipping costs.  Enter the ASM250-KIT, All the clever parts laser cut and completed, All the bungees, brake cords, fittings ready made… All you do is add the ramp sections and drill some holes aided by our templates. this results in the same well made catapult as the ASM-250 but at a lower cost and less shipping. Watch the video of it in use. Did I tell you that you can use a servo and a spare Rx to launch the aircraft . that is so cool (and safe).

The ASM300 6Kg Catapult has also seen some improvements resulting in higher launch speeds and easier assembly on site. see the video of a X8 at just under 6Kg being launched in Russia. Thank you to my customer 

We are about to release a new aircraft for mapping after final testing in a few weeks, come back soon!!