#ASM300- 2.5-6Kg Catapult


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Flying wings can make great platforms both as a UAV and as a camera carrying aircraft as well as for FPV operations. The problems occur when a small aircraft is fitted with the extra payload it then requires a high launch speed. Hand launching a heavy flying wing with a rear mounted propeller is difficult and dangerous. Many serious injuries have been caused to pilots and helpers.

The AVA Catapult is designed to launch medium to large UAV flying wings to give a predictable launch with complete operator safety. Please see this video provided by one of our customers in Russia as a good example of a catapult launch on a heavily loaded X8 recently.

The Catapult consists of a 2 or 3 part aluminum launch ramp 120inches /134inches long in 2 /3sections with a support legs at the front and rear. A purpose designed carriage runs on 8 bearings on the ramp. On top of the carriage is mounted a pair of support rails for the aircraft and attachments for the launch bridles that attach to the aircraft.  A pair of simple attachment hooks are installed in the aircraft by the pilot. 2 sets of hooks are provided with the ramp.img-6474R

The Catapult is provided with a foot operated release trigger that can be fitted with a remote foot pedal if required. A truck mounting set is also available at extra cost.

The launch power comes from 2 bungee type cords (2 sets provided), These have a life of approx 100 launches before replacement is required.

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A Brake Cord system stops the carriage after launch is complete. (2 sets provided).

This model has larger Bungee cords and brake cords to launch larger aircraft such as the X8.

Note :- The image above is the Ver 2, The current ver 3 has extra an extra slide section.

Shipping dimensions are:-   (2 packages)

55inch x 9inch x 9inches, Weight is 25 pounds (12Kg ) +

24inch x 16inch x  12inch, weight is 22 pounds  (10Kg)