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These are just some of the questions that we are asked each week, If you do not find the information you are looking for then just send us an email to sales@air-vision-Air.com and we will do our best to answer your query..  

  1. How long can a UAV or UAS fly for?  A typical mission is between 5 minutes and 50 minutes depending on the actual version and equipment in the aircraft, this leaves reserves to cover poor weather conditions.
  2. Do I need to be able to fly a radio-controlled aircraft.?  No, the UAV will take off and  land by itself, BUT the UAV CAN be flown using the supplied radio system if required so flying skills will be useful and helpful, especailly in the early days of operation.
  3. How do I plan a mission? The UAV is programmed on the ground using a laptop to determine Waypoints and heights on a visual map. This is downloaded to the UAV before takeoff but it can be modified while in flight if required.
  4. Do I need a runway to take off and land.? No, The UAV is very light and is usually hand launched or catapult launched by the operator. The landing point is programmed in the mission and it can land in a small clear area.
  5. Is it safe?. YES, We have taken many precautions to make it as safe as possible. It is light and flies slowly, In the event of a total controls failure the motor will stop and the plane will land gently.
  6. Do I need training to operate the UAV?  No, when the  UAV will be delivered to you it will    have been flight tested before dispatch. The mission planning software is simple to operate and a few hours with the manual is usually all that is needed. We will provide any additional advice that is needed.
  7. If I make a mistake in the program do I lose the UAV?  No, The mission planner has 2 parts to the program. The first draws a box around the limits you wish the UAV to work inside, almost like a safety fence with a roof . The second part of the program is the route you want to fly within the safety fence. If the UAV tries to breach the safety fence it will return to its takeoff location and circle until you give it a new command or land.
  8. How long do the batteries take to charge?  Between 30minutes and 1 hour with the supplied charger. The charger operates from the domestic power or a car battery (12v )  2 batteries sets  are supplied and extra batteries can be provided.
  9. How long do the batteries last for.? The batteries are modern Lithium Polymer batteries and they are charged using a quality balancing charger. You should expect them to last 200-300 recharge cycles before replacement is needed.
  10. Is it possible to repair a damaged airframe? Yes, the light weight and low inertia of the UAV usually means that damage is minimal, in the event of a crack then foam safe contact adhesive can be used, for more extensive damage we can supply a new airframe. The electronics usually survive as they are protected by the foam.
  11. How many pictures can I take?, The supplied camera will take approx 800 images at 10M pixels (typically 2 flights) Then the camera will need to be recharged and the memory card replaced or downloaded..
  12. What is the purchasing process? Contact A.V.A. by email at sales@air-vision-air.com   to start the process and we will guide you step by step. The lead time is usually 4-6 weeks from order depending on the time of year and all payments are made by bank transfer or Paypal before shipment.
  13. How is the UAV shipped? The UAV has its own lightweight storage case for the UAV and the support equipment. This is used to ship the UAV to the customer. All shipments are insured and usually sent by UPS with a tracking number.
  14. Do I need approval to fly these aircraft?.  Operation of UAV’s in Canada is controlled by Transport Canada and all of their regulations and guidelines should be followed, You can fly these aircraft within Line Of Sight (LOS) as a normal radio controlled recreational model aircraft or you can apply for a SFOC from Transport Canada if you wish to fly commercially (for profit) , Please respect the current laws in your country of operation.
  15. A.V.A. accept no responsibility for YOUR operations or unlawful acts.